Dancing Resume:
-Started dancing;about that time when I am started boxing 5-6 years old
-started ballet,-jazz,step,tape
-restarted tanager time;
-DANCING private night club and latin night Hungary
-go-go dancing night clubs hungary and private place ;latin love and african dance
-Hungary usa embassy special event dance samba and sing and african dance
-More Ruzse dancing latin love and sing ;Budapest ,Hungary
-Yugoslavia and Bulgaria special event dance and sing
-own fashion show dance and sing latin
-own video clip dancing and singing ;high life
-Budapest tv,Hungary Tv,RTL TV,and more ...
-my own record label Yeke-Yeke dancing and sing
-Hungary ,Budapest ,England and USA:Latin Love samba and sing ametur and professional boxing night;country,National champion and Junior champion ,European champion ,world champion nights
-Czech and Slovakia ;go-go dancing
- Go-Go dancing:Wien,Becs,Zurich ,Germany and more cities ect...
-Amsterdam:go-go dancing
-England go-go dancing London,Manchester
-Latin LOVE DANCE SAMBA and sing:Junior Champion chip Liverpol and Kendal ,European Champion London WBC belt ,Manchester WBC belt ,Scotland ,Ireland,London,Manchester,Boston,Sheffield,
USA :Latin Love dance and Samba and sing,;Tropicana casino boxing night,
-Arizina Yuma
-Las Vegas
-Los Angeles
-Las Vegas martial art festival,
-Private night and clubs go-go dancing
When usually I Singing-Boxing in the boxing night I do the Latin love samba dance and sing becouse all the time ask me!
2009 Dec Casting :Dancing and Movie
Dec casting go-go dancing :Mirage Haze night club
-Red Rock,-Hard Rock, Excalibur,Planet Hollywood and more casino...